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Products > Explosion-proof Slip Rings (TEX)


      Explosion-proof slip ring  has more safety and higher reliability, designed for use in the condition which is easy to explode, such as in oil platform, explosive material packing machine, , agro-product processing equipment, coal mine and spray finishing, etc.
     Slip rings pass the electricity by rub between the brushes and rings, so it is not possible to prevent the spark in theory.Normal slip rings only pay attention to its electric property, but less to protection. So it is very dangerous to use normal slip rings in the condition which is easy to explode. Victory-way knows this, and we know the philosophy of the explosion and its protective measures.We design the explosion-proof conductive slip ring, which can be used in explosive gas atmospheres and explosive dust environment, with protection class IP66. 
 The slip rings passed EX test and got the certificate of conformity from CNEX (Nanyang), the Cer. No. : CNEx12.2698X. Marking: EX d IIC T6 Gb,DIP A21 Ta,T6

  *  EXd mark, fit for IIC,IIB & IIA;
  *  Safest Temperature range, reached to T6 class, fit for T1~T6 working condition;
  *  Working condition: -30℃~60℃ ;
  *  Protection class IP66, IP68 for option;
  *  Can be used in explosive gas and or explosive dust atmospheres (Zone 1 or Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22);
  *  EPL Class :Gb;
  *  Explosion marking: Ex d IIC T6 Gb, DIP A21 TA,T6 (equate to Ex tb IIIC,T6);
  *  Stainless steel body has good environmental suitability;
  *  Weak signal is viable;
  *  Power & signal can be combined to deliver in one body;
  *  No need to maintain.
Typical Application
  *  Oil platform;
  *  Explosion-proof packing machine;
  *  Spraying equipments;
  *  Chemical equipments;
  *  Farming industry;
  *  Fit to use in explosive Gas and or Explosive Dust atmospheres.
  *  Higher voltage and current capacity;
  *  Higher speed;
  *  Wider range of temperature;
  *  Higher protection class;
  *  Style of exits for lead wires;
  *  Flange for installation.
Explosion-proof slip rings
Explosion-proof slip rings
TEX-38EX Explosion-proof slip ring
TEX-38EX Explosion-proof slip ring
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