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Security Industry: 
    With the increasing of security requirements, security monitoring enters the life of everyone, from military control to the home intelligent monitoring, security system.  As a core component of intelligent systems - "Speed dome Camera", which increase the precision slip ring on the traditional basis of surveillance cameras to achieve the full range of non-blind spot monitoring, and real-time tracking. We offer series of standard  and micro-cap type slip ring,used in security engineering.

Industrial applications: 
     Rotating joint is an integral part of modern industrial equipment , in order to achieve complex motion, control and other functions, conductive slip ring is applied to these joints, used to transfer power, signal and so on.  Slip ring is widely used in robotic arm, robot, winding machine, filling machine and other equipments. 
     Victory-way's  modular slip ring  can respond quickly to the demand of customer , product compatible with a variety of conventional bus, such as RS232, RS485, FIP, ERA, ProfiBus, FINT, LONWorks, InterBus, CAN, HART, Dupline, P-net, F -Mux, ASI (ActraturSensorInterface), MODBus, SDS, Arcnet,, FieldBusFoundation, WorldFIP, BitBus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, etc. (part of the bus has special structure to ensure the communication process).Besides,we can provide gas and fluid combination slip ring, which can simultaneously transfer pneumatic, hydraulic and so on. 

Wind energy
     As the green energy of future, Victory-way wins numerous wind power industry elite's synchronous collaboration to develop a pitch wind turbine control slip ring,used in the harsh working environment, even in high vibration, dust, heat, and cold etc.

Medical, laboratory, test equipment:
     Victory-way provides clients conductive slip ring,used in the condition of high-speed, high pressure, large size, strong interference and other special working conditions.

Military applications:
     Victory-way can provide the waveguide & high-frequency combination slip ring, with reliable performance in a complex working condition. This slip ring has been successfully used in satellite tracking and communication under certain circumstances.