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Slip rings capsule Mini through-bores slip ring Through-bores slip ring Standard slip rings
Plug straightly slip rings High current slip rings High speed slip rings Pancake slip rings
Hybrid slip rings Explosion-proof slip rings Wind turbine slip rings  FORJ
High frequency slip ring High protection slip ring Mercury slip ring Rotory joint

Slip Rings Capsule (SC,MC)
      SC & MC slip ring capsule is a standard, off-the-shelf unit that uses gold contacts at the rotary interface. Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor to distinguish, with double Contacts & double precision roller bearings, it utilizes 90°V-groove rings to provide smoother running, lower torque and lower electrical noise.  Flame-retardant plastic shell,6, 12, and 24 circuit models for Power and /or signal.
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Mini Through-Bores Slip Ring(TC)
Mini Through-Bores Slip rings      TC series slip ring is a micro slip ring, of which there is a 7, or 15, or 20 mm through-bore in the center of the shaft. It has the advantages of capsule & through bores slip ring. This design features long life & low cost, and fiber Precious metal brush contact technology realizes ultimate performance in many challenging applications. With aluminum alloy body, double precision roller bearings provide smoother running, lower torque and lower electrical noise. It is suitable for transferring signal & low power.
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Through-Bores Slip Rings (T)
Through-Bores Slip rings    T series slip ring is a standard slip ring with a through-bore for routing of hydraulic or pneumatic lines or driver shaft. This design features long life, and fiber precious metal brush contact technology realizes ultimate performance in many challenging applications. With aluminum alloy body, double precision roller bearings provide smoother running, lower torque and lower electrical noise.
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Standard Slip Rings (N)
Standard slip rings      N series standard slip rings fit for setup in a hole of the equipment. Its body can be fixed to device by flange, and the stator side of slip ring rotates with device, and the shaft of slip ring keep still. This kind of slip ring has the same point with T series slip rings that using fiber Precious metal brush contact technology and this design features long life and low torque.
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Plug Straightly Slip Rings (H)
Plug Straightly Slip Rings       The H series slip rings are compact, cost effective, mercury free slip rings, designed for industrial manufacturing. H series slip rings overcome the problem of mercury slip ring’s use depending on environmental factors and avoid the disadvantages of not environmental protection. Advanced technology and reliable structure maximize utilization of contact materials to get the highest performance but low cost. They are most applicable to use in the food and packaging industries. Standard terminals fit to quickly install. The performance equates with Moog’s P serial slip rings.
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High Current Slip Rings (HC)
High Current Slip Rings       High current slip ring is designed for welding machine, planting line, electric generating set and high current charging set. This kind of slip ring usually uses carbon alloy, copper alloy or silver alloy as contact material. When working under the high current condition, reliable electrical contact and good heat dissipation are needed to avoid to strike fire. 
     Victory-way uses the best contact materials according to the working conditions; constant pressure device and the contact surface of the pre-grinding ensure reliable contact; low contact resistance and optimized heat dissipation structure ensure slip ring to work stably for a long time, all of this can avoid slip ring to strike fire.
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High Speed Slip Rings (G)
High speed slip rings      G series slip rings fit for high speed application. High speed slip rings need optimized material, special structure and process.
     There are 2 kinds of slip rings in G series: GC and GT, GC series fit to fix at the end of shaft, and GT series have a through hole in the center of slip ring, fit to setup on the shaft.
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PanCake Slip Rings (P)
PanCake Slip Rings       When you have a height restriction, a "pancake" slip rings - also called a "flat" or "platter" ring - could be the best solution. These slip ring units are based on a disc shaped rotor, which is embedded with concentric grooves to carry the signal and power, with a brush block assembly mounted over the top to act as the stator. We can customize this type of slip ring from 4 to 50 channels,and any center bore size. Contacts use precious metals and operating speed depends on the number of channels and overall size of slip ring.
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Hybrid Slip Rings (HS,HF) 
Hybrid Slip Rings     We provide many kinds of Hybrid slip rings, such as FORJ(Fiber optic rotary joints),fluid rotary joints,encoder, etc., these parts can be fixed in the slip ring or fixed at the side of slip ring to pass the signal & energy through the center hole of the slip ring. This design is simple & compact.
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Explosion-proof slip rings (TEX)
Explosion-proof slip rings       Explosion-proof slip ring has more safety and higher reliability, designed for use in the condition which is easy to explode, such as in oil platform, explosive material packing machine, , agro-product processing equipment, coal mine and spray finishing, etc.
     Slip rings pass the electricity by rub between the brushes and rings, so it is not possible to prevent the spark in theory.Normal slip rings only pay attention to its electric property, but less to protection. So it is very dangerous to use normal slip rings in the condition which is easy to explode. Victory-way knows this, intensively study the principle of blast and preventive measures and develop the explosion-proof conductive slip ring, which can be used in explosive gas environment and explosive dust environment, with protection class IP66. And this kind of slip ring has obtained the certificate of explosion-proof electrical/conductive slip ring.
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Wind Turbine Slip Rings (WS)
Wind Turbine Slip Rings     We provide slip ring for wind turbine, which ranges from slip ring used in 2Mw wind turbines to control the variable wind pulp to slip ring for micro wind turbines. Due to the particularity of wind power generation system, we specially design slip ring for wind turbines, which is resistance to strong vibration, large temperature difference, no need of maintenance and high reliability to meet its bad working environment and without supervision.
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Customized Slip Rings
Customized Slip Rings      Victory-way can provide not only the standard slip ring we list in the website, but also customized slip ring, such as fiber composite(FORJ), electricity & gas & liquid mixture, high frequency combination and wave guides combination slip rings, used in in varieties of working conditions, from the underwater environment to the high altitudes, from the alpine zone to the high temperature environment, and even for the explosive condition. At present, our products are applied in the fields of security, industrial automation, military, environmental protection and so on.
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